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Styled Seattle Engagement

OMG the weather on this Seattle day was crazy, and so was the epic love between these two. It’s times like these that I have to stop myself and think –
how did I get to this incredible place?
I am finally able to be creative all the time, how did this happen?
You know what, I am pretty sure it was 50% the great spirit and 50% hustle.
Enjoy these two and their goofy, quirky, beautiful love.
Her dancing in the frigid Seattle wind will never get old.

And that tattoo !? That sun?! That pose?! This girl is all my goals.

You know this may look goofy but it really broke the ice and made this couple come to life. Tiarra Sorte is just an incredible mentor and gave me such great advice, made me feel at ease, and was just all around awesome. Plus these two and their love was the best.

How to be cool: look at these two and try to replicate it on your own.
Reality: I end up looking like I’ve lost my marbles.
Leave it to the pros Marnie!

February 19, 2018

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