Photo by Ashley Scheider Photography

I will not force it to happen, I will find what needs to be told through my lens and all you have to do to is be yourself and allow your heart to be fully open to the magic of your wedding day.

I am NOT there to make your day appear like something that it’s not. I want it to organically unfold, and in that unfolding I will find your story.

When my husband and I had our first child (aka, the love of my life), it became really clear to me what made moments truly unforgettable and how important my role as a wedding photographer is, especially on a day that for most only happens once in  a lifetime. For my clients, my intention is to be a calm presence amidst the fast paced energy of the day, to capture the emotional connections between you, your partner and your guests, and of course all the small moments you may not be able to see during the day. 

A Little Bit About Marnie

this is my eye, this is how I create photos that resonate, and imagery that tells a story. 

When I was much younger, 6 or 7 years old, I remember climbing a plum tree in our backyard so I could watch the sunset - I would do this regularly. It soothed me not only because I was surrounded by nature and able to eat endless ripe plums, but also because the light in the sky was remarkable and I felt so connected to it.

Your wedding day is my plum tree. It is with that same awe and wonder that I capture all the details of such a rich and traditional right of passage. I don’t do creativity lightly. I am invested so completely, so entirely - I must be.  I must quietly read all the body language, see all the meaningful moments of eye contact, understand the depths of relationships and the intricacies of what make them special -

My inspiration

I can promise you, these moments are safe with me.

I am a memory hoarder. I keep every card I have ever received - birthday, anniversary, cards my husband wrote me on a post it note before he left for work. I keep everything, I even keep old wallets - I feel like they are a connection to our past and a token of what makes us who we are.

I think that’s one of the reasons I ended up serving as a wedding photographer, capturing wedding days is such an honor because its those memories that are going to represent who these people were at this time. So many more generations will see these photos, grandchildren will treasure them and maybe even try to replicate them.

It’s really important that you know I love to laugh and I love laughing with others, I am even cool if other people are laughing at me!

I am also a HUGE Star Wars fan (In particular, The Last Jedi & Rogue One), I love animals and own three of them - 2 dogs (corgi and black lab), and 1 cat. When I was in middle school, my family relocated to Melbourne Australia for my dad’s job. It was AMAZING and I cannot believe I had that opportunity. 

I pride myself on being a reliable, laid back, and quick communicator, being flexible for sudden changes, and advising my couples (when it’s needed) to make smart decisions that will keep the wedding day easy and fun.