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Seattle City Engagement Photographer Shoot

engaged couple sitting in outdoor cafe

The building which we shot at is a spot I turn to time and time again during my photographer location scouting expeditions, so much so that I am pretty sure they know me at the cashier. There is so much variety in the space – all of which can really result in the urban rooftop feel that so many people want out of their engagement photos.

In this situation my clients only knew that they wanted some pictures by the water and the Ferris wheel. I knew that with a little encouragement I could get them to see how useful it would be to start at this rooftop and walk our way down towards the water stopping at various locations. Thankfully they went for it!

It’s not always so easy to convince clients to do things differently than you would prefer. Here are a couple of statements I use to help plead my case:

  1. The light (this is so specific to each scenario!) In this situation since it was cloudy I knew that heavy overhead sun would not be a problem at any time during the day. This is a good thing if you want to shoot on a rooftop!
  2. Variety – Trust me when I say this one can take a little work to convince. However the reality is if you are in the downtown region, take advantage of all that there is! We stopped in an alley, at a cafe and on many street corners with iconic views!

My clients are always right, however, it would be a disservice if I did not share my professional opinion about certain situations.

Enjoy the photos as much as I do!


April 2, 2020

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