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Modern Seattle Lifestyle Family Session

family sitting in front of baby crib with kids

Rose and her family have been such loyal clients, I absolutely treasure that they trust me enough to continue to document their life and their growing family. Rose and I went to high school together, we have known each other for a long time. She is strong, kind, and authentic as well as being a mother to two beautiful daughters. In-home lifestyle sessions were where I got my start as a photographer, I remember explaining to my mother what exactly it was, ‘mom, I go into their home and I photograph them just as they are in their own space, its the most real representation of where they are in their life, and it makes the photo memories so much more dynamic!’, bless her heart, but my late mother did not understand this concept. I think I connect with this style because there is no pretense and its easier for the client to feel comfortable and safe (which in turn results in natural and honest photographs).

I really hope images like this help to blow the lid off of what the expectation is for ‘family photos’, shake things up and try an in-home session, just make sure your home looks exactly like you want it to appear in the photos 🙂



April 4, 2020

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