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Modern & Romantic Mount Rainier Engagement – Rachel & Luke

Im not sure if you can tell from these pictures, but these two are some pretty awesome humans. No only are they both young and mega successful, but they know how to love like its their job. Rachel can like, read Lukes mind?! Maybe I do this with my husband and I’m unaware of it, but with these two it seems uncanny like they have known each other for many lifetimes. I’ve had the privilege to get to know a lot of young and in loves, I’ve seen all kinds of love – loud love, quiet love, gentle love, affectionate love, realllyyyy affectionate love (Lolz). But the love between these two just seems like a rooted and historic love. Needless to say (yet Im saying it) witnessing love like this is awesome and continually reminds me of the incredible power of honest, whole hearted love.
Believe it or not, this Seattle native, had not once been to Mount Rainier prior to this date. I know, I know – thats really bad. Dont get me wrong (get ready for caps lock) I LOVE NATURE – birds, fresh air, stunning views – that stuff is my jam (raspberry jam that is). But you know, when you start getting in that hamster wheel, you got bills to pay, tv to watch, instagram, videos of cats, videos of puppies, videos of cats and puppies together getting along – I mean, how do you find the time?! J/k – those are terrible excuses, and we all need to go for hike more often and enjoy this unreal part of the world.
Enjoy these two newly engaged lovebirds!



August 12, 2018

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