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Modern and Romantic Portland, OR. Wedding

How it all began

Vivian & Andrew hired me 7 months before their wedding. I was thrilled to hear that she had chosen one of my most favorite venues, The Evergreen PDX, a space that really allows for total creativity. It’s also wonderful that we connected so easily, when she reached out she told me right away how she found my Instagram page and she immediately connected with my style. When clients come to me and they feel as strongly as she did it makes the experience flow so well!

The venue

The wedding took place at The Evergreen PDX, and there were around 100 guests. The bride opted to do her own hair and makeup and wow did she do so just perfectly! Vivian also chose to create a head table with a collection of more curated furniture, and the day of coordinator set the table perfectly. I thought this was a really creative way to get the effect of a high-end wedding without breaking the bank.

Best part of the day

When I spoke to Vivian about what excited her most about her wedding she said ‘when I walk down the staircase and Andrew sees me for the first time (he better cry by the way’, and cry he did, it was hard not to. I watched and listened, quietly snapping shots during the toast, learning exactly why this amazing group of friends was so bonded, the stories that they shared and the heartfelt congratulations were rich with history, these friends are some really great friends.

Stretching your budget

Vivian and Andres’s wedding is a prime example of how you can create lux without the cost. I think the key is knowing exactly where to spend your money on to make the biggest effect. For example, they chose to have a donut wall and it was really so much more than that, guests and wedding party were using the huge wall as a backdrop for Instagram photos, it really gave the wedding a wow factor. Besides the donut wall here were some other things that made a big impact:

  1. The venue!! You could no nothing and it would still look amazing.
  2. the greenery on the stairs. Expensive yes, but not as expensive as a trail of roses. And the effect was major, everyone was taking pictures.

I really think this key here is the venue, if you can find a place that looks good bare than go with that, add some touches of you and let the place as it naturally is do all the talking.

Enjoy this beautiful wedding, I know I do!


Vivian & Andrews love of cats is serious – seriously amazing!
That smile, those stairs
Vivian, you GODDESS
bride and groom cut the cake
bride and groom feed each other donuts
bride and groom observe their dinner table
bar drinks for wedding
bride and greem cheers guests
bride and groom exit with streamers
bride and groom exit with streamers

April 1, 2020

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