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DIY Camp Wedding – Zanika Lache, Levenworth WA.

Kaleen and David really blew me away with this amazing homemade wedding. With their closest family and friends, they took over the entire camp at Zanika Lache in Eastern Washington for an entire weekend. Think log cabins, shared bathrooms, bugs, arts and crafts, smores, canoeing, flashlight tag, and lots of wine around the campfire. Don’t be mistaken though, the details where all finely curated and gave this camp wedding a really unique feel. The brides grandmother was in charge of the flowers -from peonies to tons and tones of hydrangeas, she really showed how talented she was. The brides good friends did her hair and makeup as well as her nails. There were dogs everywhere and you could hear the sound of laughing children around every tree. Enjoy this collection of photos from Kaleena and David’s special day!



Sleeping bags! I promise!



Such a nice doggo



here he is again!



mom and son



her shirt!



Flashlight tag begins…



so does mulled wine, mmmm



and onto the next day…



Friends and Family make the best helpers



First Look!



There is nothing like forcing your kids to dance 🙂



And you have reached the end of one gorgeous wedding!
Congrats Kaleena and David!

February 12, 2019

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